Norfolk Bowmen Equipment Event

February 10, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Horsford Village Hall
Norfolk Bowmen
Norfolk Bowmen Equipment Event @ Horsford Village Hall

Equipment Event
(Hands-on workshop)

Sunday 10th February 2019
The Village Hall – Horsford

Including, but not limited to:
Want to make your own strings but don’t know how?
Learn how and then make one yourself. (Double loop recurve, single loop longbow,
double loop Flemish twist)

A fletching has fallen off. What do I do?
See how to make quick repairs

Only 6 arrows to shoot and your serving breaks.
You can either panic or fix it. Learn how (fix it, not panic)

Want to tune your own bow?
Have a go

1.00 pm –5.00 pm
£5 per person (towards the cost of the venue)

Although you do not need to book, it would be useful to have an idea of
numbers (to make sure that we have enough coffee).
Please send email if you are interested to: