Wymondham Archers World Archery Weekend

June 11, 2022 @ 8:00 am – June 12, 2022 @ 5:00 pm
Wymondham Archers
Barnard Fields Bray Drive (off Reeve Way) Wymondham NR18 0GQ
£20 per day
Sarah Hubbard

Format Saturday:

WA 70m round for recurve & longbow shot on a 122cm full face.

WA 50m round for all compounds with each archer shooting their own 80cm 6-ring face.

WA 50m round for barebow shot on a 122cm full face.

WA 60m Cadets U18 or Master 50+. Only recurve & longbow.

*Metric 122, 50m, 40m or 30m.

WA VI 30m rounnd.


*Metric 122-50 Gents & Ladies U16, Metric 122-40 Gents & Ladies U14 & Metric 122-30 Gents & Ladies U12.

These ranking rounds will be shot in double detail with six arrows shot in four minutes. A series of Head-to-Head
matches will follow this. Although it is hoped that all archers will go through to the Head to Head stage a cut may
be applied depending on entries and timing. Higher placed archers may receive a bye in the earlier rounds.


Format Sunday:
WA 1440 Gents (Gentlemen, Junior gents 18yrs-21yrs), WA 1440 Ladies (Ladies, Junior ladies 18yrs-21yrs, Master gents 50+), WA 1440 Cadet Ladies (Cadet ladies U18 & Master ladies 50+) Metrics I-V & WA VI Outdoors.
*Metric I – Cadet Gents under 18yrs.
*Metric Il – Gents under 16yrs, Ladies under 18yrs
*Metric IlI – Gents under 14yrs, Ladies under 16yrs
*Metric IV – Gents under 12yrs, Ladies under 14yrs
*Metric V – Ladies under 12yrs

* Age on day of the shoot.

All rounds will be shot in double detail with six arrows shot in four minutes throughout the day.
Compounds and Recurve will shoot on individual six-zone 80cm faces at 50m and 30m
Barebow and Longbow archers will shoot on 80cm full faces at both 50m and 30m.
Metric rounds will be shot on full faces throughout.

Bosses: Ten Zone Layered Foam & Danage

Refreshments: BBQ will be cooking food for breakfast and lunch, with tea and coffee. All available to purchase on the day.

Music: There will be music played during the day, and on a low volume during shooting.

Dress: AGB dress regulations rule 307.