Here you will find minutes of our recent meetings. As part of our desire to make these mysterious and strange meetings more open, we will aim to post all minutes of meetings here going forward.

AGM/EGM Minutes

Draft NAA EGM 21st October 2022 

NAA AGM 2021 

NAA AGM 2020

NAA AGM 2015

Committee Meetings

NAA Committee Meeting Minutes 10th February 2022

NAA Committee Meeting Minutes 28th October 2021

NAA Committee Meeting Minutes 22nd December 2020

OGM Minutes

NAA OGM Minutes – 15/4/19

NAA OGM Minutes – 5/2/19

NAA OGM Minutes – 27/09/18

NAA OGM Minutes – 14/6/18

NAA OGM Minutes – 4/4/18

Team Managers Reports

Team Managers Report – 15/4/19

SCAS Reports

Annual Reports from SCAS Officers for the SCAS AGM, 20/4/19