252 Awards

As a County we want to see all our archers making progress – whether you are fresh off a beginners course and looking for a new challenge, or if you are an experienced archer wanting a bit of fun, the 252 Awards are a great place to start. For beginners they ensure a level of consistency to gain a badge and progress to the next level, as well as a shiny reward with which to decorate your quiver. For experienced archers the chance to try a different distance, or challenge themselves to earn all the badges.

As a County we are looking at a mini-league system for those that want to submit scores so you can see how you are doing compared to others in the County – more info about that coming soon.
For now, we would encourage all archers to ask your clubs about these awards, as they are a great way to have fun and progress during the outdoor season.

The awards are received by reaching the required score at each distance, shooting 3 dozen arrows at a 122cm face:

Distance (yrds)  Recurve Compound Longbow  Barebow
 20  252  280  164  189
 30  252  280  164  189
 40  252  280  164  189
 50  252  280  164  189
 60  252  280  164  189
 80  252  280  126  164
 100  252  280  101  139