Coaching & Development

Here you will find information relating to coaching and archer development within the County

By clicking on the links in the sub-menu you can also access information about the 252 Scheme, designed to reward archers who progress from one distance to another.


Currently within the County we have 3 County Coaches (Level 3), 8 Development Coaches (Level 2), and over 20 Session Coaches (Level 1).

If you would like more information about Coaching available in the County, whether that be development days, how to get into coaching, or would like to organise some coaching for yourself or your club, please click here to contact the Coaching Officer.



We have a dedicated Club Development Officer, who works on behalf of the Committee visiting clubs and helping them to resolve issues or take on new ventures. Our current Officer, David Long, has been involved in archery in virtually every capacity going, so he is an excellent person to contact. You can get in touch with him by clicking here.


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