With the updates to classifications we are currently re-working our records to ensure all categories are listed. This may take a while as we check our data to find the appropriate records. Current records are considered valid across all categories until we are able to accurately divide them (eg Junior will count as a singular record until divided into Junior U21, U18 etc).

Current County Records, updated 06/02/2023: County Records

Below are the records, divided into categories:

County Record Claims:

To claim a county record the following rules apply:

1. Claims must be made within one month of score being achieved.
2. All verification documents must be provided upon request.
3. Scores must be submitted via the submission form below.
4. Scores must be at least a 2nd class level. (See resources page for further information)
5. Some details, (Name, Club and age category), will be published on the
Norfolk Archery Association website