New to Archery?

Information for new archers to the sport.

  • Where to start?
    • Use the club list to find your nearest club and get in contact, no one club is better or worse than the others so just start local. if you need help finding a club just Email one of the commitee members and they will be pleased to help. 
  • What to buy – should I buy?
    • To start with BUY NOTHING talk to the local club and get some advise, most clubs have some kit you can borrow for a few weeks to get you in the swing of things. 
  • What is field archery?
    • Field archery is a set course of marked or un marked distances shot on black and yellow Faces, animal faces or 3d animal targets to resemble hunting. (Bow Hunting in the UK is Illegal under the countryside and wildlife act 1981) 
  • What is target archery?
    • Target Archery is the most popular form of archery in the UK and is the Olympic method of shooting. Arrows are shot from a single shooting line toward the targets set at known distances. 
  • What is Clout?
    • Clout is long distance shooting, Trying to get your arrow as close to a flag set normally 100+ yards away from the shooting line. 
  • What is popinjay?
    • Popinjay is a rare form of archery in the UK but Huge in Belgium. Blunted arrows are shot 90FT Vetically in an attempt to knock out “birds” (normally plastic of foam cubes).