Chair: Norfolk Archery Association

Welcome all to our Blog.

Some of you may know that I took over as Chair of the Norfolk Association at the Annual General Meeting this year. I am pleased to be able to represent you Regionally and Nationally when the need arises. I’m sure, some of you will have seen many new Chair’s over the years and are probably thinking that this one will be nothing new. Well, I hope to surprise you.

If herding cats is difficult, managing the NAA, is already proving to be challenging. We are a group of individuals that are as unique as each of our clubs. And we really do have very different clubs across the County.

But here’s the good news. We will endeavour to send you a regular blog of the events, tournaments and other news so that we are in communication with you all as we go along. Our blog page will be interactive so your views will be shared across the county, if you’d like that.

Some folk ask, “What does the NAA do for me?” And this is a good question. Here’s what we are doing at the moment…

I’m not sure if this is for the first time, but we are now supporting our archers to take part in tournaments. The County team has already been selected to compete against Cambridge at the up and coming Tournament at the City of Norwich Archers venue ‪on the 24th March‬. The NAA wishes to thank David ‘Duffy’ Dowle for his work on this. I know it has been difficult but we seem to be overcoming the obstacles. The tournament is a WA25 and I understand there are a few spaces left, if you’d like to take part in that. See this link CoNA WA25 Entry

We have decided as an Association to support the organisation and effort of arranging tournaments with our surrounding Counties. This, we feel, will empower our archers to take part in tournaments and not have to travel too far to other locations.

Finally, one of our clubs is hosting a tournament at Holkham House in Norfolk and the NAA has decided to make this tournament free to all Norfolk Archery Association Club Members. This is by far no mean feat and comes at a cost to both the NAA and you as an archer should you wish to take part. Your cost… well, there is also a have-a-go happening on the same day hosted by Norfolk Bowmen and we’d be so very happy if you could help out for a short while with the newby archers. You will get free access to the tournament and free access to Holkham House and the Country Fair being held on the two days over that weekend. Please download the file should you wish to take part. Holkham Have-a-go.

In addition, we are continuing our work with clubs and have NAA Officers available to visit your club so that you can pick the brains of our experienced Archers and Club Officers. This approach, we are hoping, will encourage a programme of club development approaches that we feel will support the growth of archery in Norfolk. If you would like a visit, please email David Long, our new Development Officer, who will be happy to arrange a suitable time.

More news is on the way, but should you wish to contact me please do so, using

Good luck with your archery and happy shooting.

Pete: Chair, Norfolk Archery Association