Important Message from Mark Webb, Norfolk Archery Chairman

To all NAA archers.

It has come to the NAA’s attention via social media of a possible health and safety situation at Marshland’s new indoor venue. Whilst we welcome any potential risks seen by fellow archers to be reported, we don’t condone the use of social media to do so – especially when all the facts aren’t present.
The proper and right way to do so would be to speak directly to the club and advise them of your concerns. If you feel that the situation hasn’t been resolved then contact the NAA with your grievance and we will investigate and work to resolve any issues.

The photos posted on social media by Marshland Archers showing their new indoor venue was to highlight the “Have A Go” at their new venue which took place on Tuesday 13th February. Marshland Archers are fully aware of the safety precautions they need to achieve and these are in hand. A lot of work had been done by Marshland in a short space of time to meet the deadline and the pictures showed a work in progress.
Marshland Archers was recently visited by Pete Hill (NAA Development Officer) and Sarah Hubbard (NAA Treasurer) at their old indoor venue and they both only had high praise for the clubs safety procedures and how the club was run, and they were pleased to see that, in Pete’s own words, he found them “warm and embracing to the NAA”.

This incident is not in the spirit of how we want Norfolk Archery to be portrayed and has done more damage in pushing clubs apart as to bringing the clubs together. We ask that, when using social media, you please be aware of the negative effects and the damage that can be caused to a hard working club or person by comments and criticisms made via this medium.

With this in mind we’d also like to make it abundantly clear that health and safety is of the utmost importance. Any club who has any doubts about the safety of their indoor or outdoor venues, or any individual with similar concerns, should seek advice from the NAA or ArcheryGB, rather than posting these concerns on social media, to ensure they can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Remember, if in doubt, we are here to help, and any/all the committee can be contacted for advice or support on any archery issue.

Happy and safe shooting to all.

Mark Webb

Norfolk Archery Chairman.