Life Changes

Well, hi folks, hasn’t lockdown been a trial! For me, I’ve been trying to keep busy making arrows and taking rather bad photographs of my new range of Traditional Bows. How I miss the open spaces of the archery range at Wymondham and the jolly banter. Lockdown hasn’t been all bad. I’ve had drastic life changes. I left a job I no longer liked and got a part time job doing Click and Collect at Morrison’s (basically full time at the moment as it’s so ridiculously busy lol) Less money, but life is defiantly better.
Recently I made some arrows for a friend with his children’s names and birth dates on. That gave me the idea of trying to make some personalised Valentines arrows which I quickly made today. Not sure the ideas good or bad or even if folks would want them, but it kept me busy for a few hours. That’s the art of beating the lockdown. Do something, create something, read something. Just keep yourself as busy as you can.
To cheer folks up I’ve decided to offer members a 5% discount on anything on my new site Just use discount code NAA5%. Archery will be back😊
Stay Happy n Healthy
Ps. Did I mention 😉

English-Longbow-Trilaminate-resized-to-1499-pixels8-1.jpg I-love-You-Arrows-1.jpg-resized-1499-pixels-0.jpg